Our Approach

Our Approach

After an initial consultation, we will submit a plan based on your wants and needs. Once the plan is accepted, we will deliver efficient, quality and long lasting results. Open and consistent communication can be expected throughout the process so that proper expectations are set and we are able to remain fluid, adapting to any changing wants and needs. All of our services are intended to leave you feeling good about your home. We want you to be so satisfied with the space we have revitalized that you can’t wait to tackle the next project on the list.

Our Story

Our Story

If there is one thing that drives us crazy it’s cluttered and dysfunctional spaces. Our mission is to help you feel great about your home, make it functional and make it easier to care for too! The idea grew out of a three week project helping my in laws get their house ready for sale. 20 years worth of clutter and old junk, spread throughout the house, barn and garage that needed to be sorted and properly organized. Holes in the wall that needed to be patched and painted, wood trim that needed to be sanded and restained. Bedrooms, offices and a living room that needed to be decluttered and staged so they would truly appeal to buyers. A big undertaking for sure, but one that I was well suited for as it combined three important skills I have honed and refined over the past 15 years as a visual merchandiser, inventory, facilities and sales manager. With the encouragement and support of my family, I created Revitalize The Space - a company that takes the concepts and skills I learned in the retail world to help families and individuals create the beautiful, functional and efficient spaces they desire in their home.

Meet the Team

I’ve always considered myself to be a Renaissance Man, or jack-of-all-trades because I love having a wide and diverse skill set, always looking for a new tool to master or trade to learn. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science from Ohio State University in the field of Human Ecology, studying the relationship between individuals and their natural, social and built environments, including the wants and needs of people in those environments. Over the past 15 years I have held stock, visual and facilities management positions in high-end retail stores, most recently with Restoration Hardware, which have helped me to refine the skills I hope to put to work for you. When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me hiking, golfing, woodworking, checking out one of Colorado’s 200+ breweries, playing any type of game you put in front of me and hanging out with my dog Ramsey and wife Ingrid.


Michael Stiver


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